Why Herbs?

Posted by Nadine Rosario on

Note / Disclaimer:
Everyone is different. Sometimes herbs are not enough.  Some of our bodies  require chemical support.  My own healing process required immense vocal therapy as well as herbs after using pharmaceuticals for 12 months. No guilt should be felt if you call for more than herbs can give. It is totally okay to receive care in other forms .


 Regarding many physical ailments, they need some time to heal, but in the usage of herbs we can find ourselves feeling the effects almost instantaneously. A big reason as to why I’ve chosen herbs is because herbs don't suppress our emotional systems. They help us react and respond to stress in healthier ways. From my personal experience, many pharmaceutical mood stabilisers or SSRI’s can numb the emotional body.

The herb route can help us integrate our mental states as they come depending on the circumstances. I do believe western medicine is a technology, but without access to it, or even prior to the development of western medicine, people took steps to claim their own  preventative care as an  expression of personal power rather than handing it over to the  “experts'' who not so often have a connection to the ideology that the medicine of matriarchs is community based at its root. Rather than acknowledge this veracity or its divine magnitude, the system that has been in place  for centuries is based on patriarchal and classist advancement for monetary gain.

It is vital to nourish our neurological and emotional  health as individuals in a collective with radical ideologies. Above all, it gives us the ability to have constructive conflict resolution skills within our internal self  and with others.  This can allow us to strengthen our communication skills in difficult circumstances  involving times we need to receive or give care, as well as situations that involve  accountability. This skillset that allows us to communicate with integrity can mend dissension of self or with our chosen family more than the subconscious may grasp.