Herbal Consultations

When working with plants we not only empower ourselves but also the communities they exist in. Herbs can offer us support and can be a pillar of strength in times of hardship and discomfort. All they ask of us is to listen and understand how they may bestow the gift of nourishment.

 The first steps are educating ourselves as a collective to what they can provide to us. On this herbal odyssey, I will be assisting you in the herding of that knowledge. We will explore and discuss the ailments and dis-ease you wish to share and determine how one can alleviate them by using plants as medicine. With this process, we together can rejuvenate, nourish, and revive the garden that is your body.

$150 Herbal Consultation Includes: 

  • 1 hour Zoom call to suit more in depth circumstances and needs tailored to your physical and emotional body
  • A personally tailored herb regime (PDF Document)
  • 2oz custom tincture formula or custom blend (Shipping included within North America)
  • Sliding scale options for BIPOC and LGBTQ folks